May 19, 2022

If You Are A Foodie, You Must Try This Place!

Everywhere I travel, I like to try “the locals” favorite places. No restaurant chains for me (except when I’m forced to). I like to experience the true essence of an area. Your best bet is to ask the bartender where you are staying, or the front desk if you don’t drink, to see where they go for fun and good food. I have never been disappointed with their tips!

If you like seafood, even if you don’t, this place was a real treat. While in Panama City Florida, we came across this place called, “Dusty’s Oyster Bar and Eatery”. Very beachy, and fun exterior. The interior has such a “wow” factor that I could not stop looking. It is quirky type place, with license plates from everyone lining the bar, but the most extreme part was thousands, and I do mean thousands of dollar bills hanging and stuck everywhere, no blank spaces.

We were led to the outside deck because when we eat out, I like to eat out side. We had a nice spot overlooking the lake, which is on the backside. We ordered a couple of cold ones and perused the menu. I decided on a shrimp Po’Boy, and my husband a Grouper Po’Boy. But he also added the “Dustys Oyster Sampler”, for an appetizer. Now, I don’t like oysters, I think they are “yucky”. The sampler consists of 3 baked, 3 casino, 3 rocky, and 3 mexi style oysters. I said, “go for it, I’m out”.

A few minutes go by and we are noticing a little girl dropping crackers over the railing. The friendly neighborhood raccoon and turtles were enjoying a cracker lunch. Hmm, there were crackers on the table, why not? We joined in with her and fed them a buffet. The “sampler came out and smelled fantastic. My husband said, “try one”, I do like little clams, so I said why not? I can’t see them under the delicious smelling ingredients, and then I was hooked. We ordered another round, of oysters, and beer of course.

After two rounds of oysters and beer, we barely had room for our Po’Boys, but we managed to eat half and save the rest. The sandwiches were just as good as the oysters, perfect actually. We are generally very picky, but there was not one thing wrong with this place. Everything was fresh, and the beers cold, (very important note), and the service was also excellent, especially for the crowd that was there.

Dusty’s is located at 16450 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL 32413, right on the main road. They are open seven days a week from 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM. The next time you are in Panama City Florida, you must stop in and enjoy a great well-prepared meal. The phone number, should you want to order take out, is (850) 233-0035. I would recommend eating in though, it is a great experience. Don’t forget to bring some dollar bills, write your names on them and have them hung up too. Enjoy!