May 19, 2022

Mexican Restaurant Jack Burger

Although I have been traveling the world for sometime now there is one thing that never gets old, trying new foods. This is much easier said than done simply because I’m very picky with the foods I eat. It’s been that way for a while now but working and being on the road so often has completely changed my perspective. Fast food has never been a favorite of mine but I’m a lover of exotic and tropic dishes. Out of all the countries I’ve traveled this year I have one favorite dish. Out of every burger substitute, this one takes the cake.

Eating health has always been a top priority. I discovered my love for vegan food and the health benefits over a year ago. Traveling comes with one con, well, I would consider it a disadvantage. That is, being able to locate tasty, healthy food.

On my most recent adventure to Mexico, I found this amazing burger joint in Saltillo, Coachula. The very thing that had me drawn to these specific place was the lingering aroma. One day I decided to follow my heart and “Jack Burger” caught my eye as I drove down the side street. Initially the disappointment soaked in because for some reason I was on the lookout for a pizza pub. However, as I glanced over at the building, the first thing to catch my eye was “Veggie Burger,” in bold and colors. It was something like fate because I’ve honestly never eaten another a better burger in my life, even way back when I actually ate meat!

This Veggie Burger was filled with avocados, onion, portabella mushroom and a creamy, cheesy substance that is known to be their secret sauce. The first order came with a side of fries which, were cold when I received them however. the “burger” was so delicious that I ordered another the same night. Sadly, I was too full to eat a second serving in the same day but the restaurant doesn’t open until 1 p.m. And, that was not a risk I was willing to take. I’m honestly stating with my whole entire heart, that this Veggie Burger tasted so amazing that it is the only form of breakfast I was willing to wake up to the next morning.

This seemed to be surreal because, after traveling to many countries I’ve come across many healthy dishes but in the states it is practically a second job to locate healthy food and at affordable prices as well. With travel being my full-time job, cutting expenses has also become a healthy habit of mine. In third-world countries and exotic islands it is fairly easy to locate fruit and vegetables. Especially the organic fruit that are typically free from pesticides.

The best way to stay on top of your healthy diet while traveling is to be flexible, and not too hard on yourself. Stick to simple ingredients and fresh foods. The most commonly affordable place is fruit stands and markets.

If you’re ever in Mexico, make sure to give them a try.