May 19, 2022

You Don’t Have To Eat Fast Food Just Because You Are Traveling

I love to travel, and I certainly do not want to settle for just any sort of food. If you love to eat fine or exotic cuisine while traveling, then read further to find some of the hottest spots worldwide. With so many options available it is often hard to pick just one; but the greatest part about traveling is, you can eventually try them all.

If you are near Houston Texas, then you will definitely want to enjoy a meal at Olive Garden. They have amazing soup and salad that never seems to end. One of my favorites is the Chicken Parmigiana, but if you are not a big fan of pasta topped with grilled chicken that is smothered in mozzarella cheese, then you may opt for a simple plate of pasta. Regardless of which entree you decide upon, make sure you pair it with a lovely house wine to fully enjoy your meal.

If you are traveling with a group, then there is a lovely Italian Restaurant called Buca Di Beppo located in The Woodlands, which is about a 30 minute drive north of Houston. I was not aware that when you ordered from the menu you do not get a single serving, and we had enough food to feed an army at a reasonable price. If you love pizza cooked in a kiln, then this restaurant should be on the top of your list.

If you get the desire to enjoy entertainment with your favorite food, then you will definitely enjoy the Kobe Hibachi Grill located in the Woodlands as well. The chefs are amazing, and you get to enjoy watching them work their magic while they prepare your food right in front of you. This is a great place to enjoy dinner alone or with a large group; however, be prepared to share a table with other guests if you are with a smaller party.

California also has some amazing mom and pop restaurants that offer a variety of food. The best pizza and breadsticks I have ever tasted were from a small town called Weaverville. Round Table has been in business for over 50 years, and I will tell you they have definitely perfected a mouth watering sauce that is to die for.

Some of the best food I have tasted while traveling has been found outside of the United States. If you ever have the privilege of traveling to Trujillo in Peru, then it is a must to try their flavorful dish called Chifa. It resembles fried rice in many ways, however, the blend of Peruvian spices takes this meal up a notch. They also have a drink known as Chicha Morada that will send your taste buds soaring.

If you want to find great food on the road, then understand you are going to have to be brave. You will be amazed at how many new favorite dishes you will consume along the way. Most importantly, do not judge a restaurant based upon its size, because some of the best meals I have ever tasted have come from some of the less frequented establishments on the road.