May 19, 2022

How I Ate Healthy, While on the Road with My Band

As I get ready to head out another tour, I can’t help but think about our last trek across the U.S. Unlike my band mates, I stick to a more stringent diet. While they gobble down burgers and fries at just about every stop, I try to be health-conscious.

After our tour opener in New York City, we went to Philadelphia for show number two. While everyone else chose to chow down on Philly cheese steaks, I headed over to one of the Real Food Eatery locations on 16th St. I had their amazing Teriyaki Grain Bowl. Loaded with all types of nutritional benefits, it only cost me $7.

From Philly, our band traveled South. We had shows in D.C. and Charlotte before hitting the stage at the iconic Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA. I was able to get the boys to join me for dinner in Athens. Even though they are meat lovers that eat burgers any chance they can get, they loved eating with me at The Grit, where I really enjoyed my Tofu Reuben Sandwich.

We left the next day and headed west through Alabama and Mississippi and South into Louisiana. Our next show was in New Orleans. The next morning the guys headed out to stuff their faces with beignets. I headed to Magazine Street and had a healthy fruit smoothie from Superfood Bar.

Austin, Texas is where we performed next. We drove all day, and I was pooped upon our arrival. I crashed and waited until the next day to head out and enjoy the city and its food choices, before hitting the stage that night. The next morning, I made the entire band go eat with me to cure their hangovers, and I had a healthy food craving to cure, which I did by eating a Vegan Cowboy Scramble at the East Austin location for Mr. Natural.

Our next show was in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We drove all day, but before crashing for the evening I was convinced to go to Waffle House with the band. They did have some healthy food options. I went with a custom order that included an egg-white omelet loaded with veggies and a side of raisin toast without butter.

Before arriving in Los Angeles for our tour ending show at the Greek Theatre, we made a stop in Las Vegas to simply unwind and take a break from performing. I manged to hit up a few casinos, and I got to enjoy a delicious smoothie from The Protein Source Kitchen on Grand Canyon Drive. I went with the Pre-Workout Smoothie and hit up a local gym before our show that evening.

On the way back to New York City, we hit up even more great healthy spots along the way. Even when the band chose traditionally unhealthy dining establishments, I was able to find something healthy. You just have to look at all the menu options and be okay with asking a manager sometimes for a custom order.