May 19, 2022

Eating Well and Eating Cheap

I have performed in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix on this tour. I have also done shows in Salt Lake City and Boise. My final show, before heading back home to Seattle, will be here in Missoula, Montanta tonight.

Heading out on the road I have to watch my costs closely. That includes my food budget. Let me share my favorite five, budget friendly restaurants from the trip!

Coming in at number five is Bosie’s Tin Roof Tacos. For under $10 I enjoyed three different, amazing tacos at lunch. My favorite was the Baja Shrimp. Loaded with fried shrimp and bursting with flavor from the shrimp, fresh red cabbage and cilantro, it really took my taste buds on a journey. The meal was not too heavy and gave me just enough fuel for the trek to Missoula.

My next favorite meal came from Portland’s Grant’s Philly Cheesestakes. My meal and tip was under $9. I devoured my half sandwich and homemade fried chips. I didn’t need anything else to eat that day until after my show.

I ranked Santa Cruz’s Picnic Basket at number three. I needed a filling meal for dinner that night before my show. At just $9, Anna’s Mac and Cheese was to die for! The Thyme bread crumbs atop the ooey, gooey cheesy mixture really set this mac and cheese apart from others I have eaten. I also got to enjoy a beach sunset.

My second favorite stop was Los Angeles’s Joe’s Pizza in Santa Monica. I was thrilled to be able to visit the Santa Monica Pier and needed something nearby. Joe’s Pizza didn’t disappoint! I ordered a pie to eat throughout the day. I was staying with a friend that lives in the neighborhood, and it was nice to have pizza to snack on throughout the day before my show in Venice Beach that night. The New York Cheese Pizza with all natural ingredients was delicious!

Rounding out my top five and sitting at number one is Seattle’s Planet Java Diner. I knew I needed a big meal before I left home for the rest of my tour. I eat there regularly, and new it would be the perfect fuel for my journey.

For under $10 I was able to get my Pancakes Combo that comes with two cakes, two eggs and choice of meat, and I always choose bacon. Planet Java Diner never disappoints, and it is my favorite restaurant, and there is no way I could not rank it number one. Well, that and my friends that work there would kill me. In all honesty though, it is amazing!

As I look back on the amazing tour I am wrapping up, I can’t help but think about all the amazing eateries I visited while on the road. If you find your way out West I highly recommend that you check out each of these budget friendly restaurants that have great food in a cool environment!