May 19, 2022

Vegas Don’t Miss a Beat When it’s Time to Eat

Another stop on the tour was wonderful Las Vegas! Las Vegas is full of bountiful fresh restaurants so choosing one for dinner was a difficult task. Downtown Las Vegas is an up and coming area full of life.

In the Downtown Grand casino is a small bar style restaurant that invites all musicians from all around. Freedom Beat brings ambiance, decorations, live bands, and food that appeals to any part of the band.

The food takes a twist on traditional foods including a southern fried chicken sandwich served on a cheddar biscuit with cole slaw and a mustard dressing or shrimp and andouille jambalaya served with creole rice and garlic toast. The food ranges from hearty savory dishes to healthy delectable meals. I got the refreshing grilled chicken sandwich on lavosh with avocado, radish sprouts, lettuce, and tomato. The dessert menu is in a league of its own including a skillet apple pie made with cheddar cheese or deep fried twinkies with a fresh berry compote.

The prices are very reasonable for being in a downtown casino ranging from $6 to $13 for most appetizers, desserts, and entrees. Having the option of affordable healthy or savory choices is great to appeal to any pallet and wallet.

Can we take appreciation for the atmosphere, there is a stage for live bands to play on! The only thing that would make dinner and the live band show better would be to have the opportunity to play up there ourselves! The live music brings an upbeat environment to the restaurant for dinner time.

The decorations make the entire experience on another level. The environment is a musicians dream come true. It embraces everything musical but still maintains a very relaxing feeling.

All around the restaurant you will find guitar pick emblems on the wall. Around the restaurant are guitar handles of all styles from acoustic to electric hanging on the walls. Each booth is made with guitar cases coming out of the top as head rests. String bulb lights are strung from the ceilings.

Entering the restaurant you are invited by a giant lighted Hollywood style sign with the restaurant name, who is playing live for that night, and what time they are playing. There is a display made of painted records that are assembled into an american flag. The walls are painted with musical figures in various colors that brighten up the space.

The environment is welcoming and enjoyable. The food is elevated from ordinary to extraordinary with a wide variety of options. Freedom Beat is an experience everyone has to visit if they get the chance because of the entirety of the experience.

Traveling around the country has given me the opportunity to see an eclectic range of restaurants and Freedom Beat is one of the more memorable ones. The bar feature is another bright light that shines during the whole experience. Healthy affordable food, refreshing drinks, and enjoyable music the restaurant. Don’t miss a beat when it’s time to eat!